Jagtial in History

Jagtial is surrounded by many Hindu religious pilgrimages such as Vemulawada (35 miles), Dharmapuri (20 miles), Kondagattu (14 miles). Some historical sites such as Polasa (Kakatiya inscriptions from 14th century mention this village as Poulasteswarapuramu) are neighbouring villages to this town. Jagtial is the centre of education for its neighbouring villages. Anthargam village 2KM from Jagityal well known for political leaders.

Jagtial is a very great place because of its History & people are very friendly, celeberate each & every festival very wounderfully Like.. Dasserah, Holi, Eid-ul-Fitar & Eid-ul-Azha. Its very storng & well know place for concern Politics because from here so many good leaders came out. One very old fort in Jagtial which was built in the 1700 century and its in Star shape around it depth water is attract to people towards it. And good Play ground center of the city where people play cricket, wolley ball, Hockey & Use for Jogging. And there are so many Mosques, Temples & couple of Church. since few years jagtial has become more papular for Mango business, mango export from here to all over the world and 2008 year remarkable season for investors as they got unbeliveable benifit.

Jagtial is also known for the movement of Agricultural workers from which the Naxalism had born. Jagtial has a fort which was built in the period of Moghal dynasty. Then the village 'Polasa' was a known place for elite people, experts in Sanskrit and related research.

Polasa contains a very beautiful and peaceful temple known as "Poulastheshwaralayam". It is the trust and belief of the people that you will get immense peace and heart with full of joy when you enter in to the Temple. One saying is there that if you ask for some thing, you will definitely get it.

The government created a temporary housing in the outskirts of Jagtial for the engineers involved with Sriram Sagar dam. This place is known as Dharoor Camp. This is a key administration place for monitoring the distribution of River Godavari Waters for the northern Telangana region. Kakatiya canal carries water from Sri Ram Sagar project to Khamma district and is 5 km from Jagtial.

SKNR Degree college is the only college in the city which is worth to mention and many politicians were created in this Institute. The Old Area Hospital is located near the old Bus Stand. Old High School is the Oldest school in the Town. Jambigadde is the place where dasara festival is celebrated grandly. Narakasura vadha will be performed at jambigadde and thousands of people will come to jambigadde on the day of dasara to see the venugopala swamy pooja and Narakasura vadha.